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Castles in the Sand
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Date:2008-11-25 17:41
Mood: disappointed

Dear human race,

I hate you.


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Date:2008-09-19 20:02
Subject:Cause I wanted to remember the results

You are a

Social Liberal
(71% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(10% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

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Date:2008-07-20 18:38
Mood: amused

Things my cat has eaten:

- A bag of hot dog buns
- McDonald's french fries
- A saltine
- An ice cream cone.  No ice cream, just cone.

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Date:2007-10-04 22:16

Random questions:

The more serious one:.  What is more important, standing up for something you believe in, or standing by a friend?  Should you compromise your principles for someone you care about?  What is more important, people or beliefs?

The less serious one:  Does any one else not buy the breast cancer support products cause, well, they're pink?

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Date:2007-09-26 19:21
Mood: happy

<Hugs internet.>

Hello, old friend. 

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Date:2007-08-16 15:12
Subject:Life or Something Like it

MY LIFE IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2007-07-22 01:53
Subject:Not a rumor! Not a hoax! Not by Bendis!
Mood: hyper

I have conquered Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.  May all of you reveal in your conquerings as well.

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Date:2007-07-20 16:10

I'm all immunized-up!  Bring on the diseases!

Note:  If you are a girl 26 or under, go get the HPV vaccine.  If you are 25 or 26, REALLY go get it, casue you can't after your 27th birthday.

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Date:2007-06-23 11:50
Subject:Life Update
Mood: busy

Whoo!  Life is busy.

The bachellorette party was much fun.  I have finally been initiated into the GMI bunch by messing with sleeping Ava.  My decorations were cool, but we needed garbage bags on the walls.  I did, however, leave with all my toes, which was a huge plus.

North Carolina was interesting.  My trip was very poorly planned; I should have waited and gone a later week.  I was too exhausted & overwhelmed with everything to do it well.  I stayed in Greensboro the first & last night, and almost missed my flight home because I'm an idiot who didn't bother to print out the flight time.  Stupid.  I stayed in Fayetteville the in-between times (I flew in weds afternoon, and out sun morning). 

I had 3 interviews; like I said, poorly planned, and should have had more.  The first was for second grade in a school I wasn't thrilled about.  The second was in a school I really liked, but I it was 5th, which I would suck at.  The last was for 3rd in a school I really, really liked, but the principle didn't sould too promising.  I would like the last one, if I end up there.

I stayed with Tom, who I interned with, in Greensboro, and Jen, who's a friend of Tom's, in Fayetteville.  Both Jen & her boyfriend are from MI and teaching in the district I interviewed with, so they were a wealth of information.  If I move there, Jen & I will probably live together.  They also had a brand-new baby kitten!  who I played with the whole time.

NC v. MI:  Much greener.  I saw the Market House, where they sold slaves.  2.5 hours to the coast, which is cool.  HUGE army base,  so you have to be careful what you say, politically.  Not as accented as I thought.  Fayetteville was closer in crime/culture/size to Kalamazoo than Detroit.  I find it more weird when white people talk with accents than black people; I tend to just associate it with the "Detroit" accent if they're black.  Schools don't have gyms; they have gym outside.  Driving rules are different, and I didn't do so well.  Stupid green arrows.  Greensboro airport needs more signs, and less closed roads.  I don't see why everyone hates DTW; I had pleasant experiences there.  I did NOT like Greensboro airport.  Washington DC was good, but my flight was delayed 2 hours, which sucked.  Charlotte was not as good as DTW.

Tonight:  Cari's Bachellorette Party.

Next Weekend:  Cari's Wedding

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Date:2007-06-06 22:42
Mood: accomplished

Everyone is being very quiet on LJ lately.  Where for art thou, lj friends?

This weekend:  West Branch for bachellorette party

Next weekend:  NC

After that:  The World!

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Date:2007-05-21 22:28
Subject:Quote of the Day
Mood: amused

"People seemed to like this better, but only marginally so - the way one might prefer to be stabbed than shot. Optimally, one isn't stabbed or shot. Optimally, one eats some cake!  But there are times when cake is not available, and instead we are destroyed.  This is the deep poetry of the universe."

   -Penny Arcade

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Date:2007-05-20 22:42
Subject:May Showers Bring Pilgrims
Mood: happy

Bridal Shower:  PWNED!

Every one seemed to have fun, no fights broke out, positive conversation took place.. I honestly could not be more happy with the end result. 

Me = happy

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Date:2007-05-08 18:17
Mood: amused

If you haven't seen these yet, they are definetely worth seeing!

"Hi, I'm a Marvel.  And I'm a DC."



If you haven't seen Spidey 3, you may want to avoid the last one.  No real spoilers (well, anything more than who the villians are), but if you want to reserve judgement until you've seen it, don't watch the last one.

BTW, hasn't the Mac/PC commercials resulted in the best parodies in years?

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Date:2007-05-05 00:25
Subject:What's in a name?
Mood: amused

I hate it when businesses spell my name wrong.  I mean, not random junk mail people, cause I can understand that, but when services I signed-up for do.  Like, for instance, Comcast.  You'd think they'd bother to write it down on their computer right, since I signed-up right, my email address is that, and the credit card  I use to pay is my name. 

If at least they changed it to a name that actually exsists, I'd understand that too.  But seriously, who is named Catherina?

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Date:2007-04-26 22:50
Mood: drained

I know that life isn't supposed to be easy, but sometimes I wish it weren't so damn hard.

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Date:2007-04-26 19:37
Mood: angry

I hate my family.  Fuck this.  I'm calling the "teach in China" people & having them sign me up.  I need to be far away from these people.

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Date:2007-04-08 23:20
Subject:Easter Tragedy

We tend to think of relationships as a situation between two people, while that almost never the case.  The relationship between two people spans not only them, but to many around them.  Others are often deeply affected what happens between two seperate people.  I wonder why this is so rarely acknowledged.

The times I have been most openly upset have been when people I care about inflict pain on each other.  Often when the pain is inflicted on me, I "contain" it within myself.  But when people do it to each other, that is when I tend to errupt, in either anger or tears.

It has been said that I take too much in, that I get too involved, that I take on hurts that are not my own.  That is true.  I have tried to rectify that on several occasions.  Today, however, I may have come to a new conclusion.  I care about how other people feel.  I am highly empathic (while often clueless).  And that is the way I shall choose to live.  Yes, I hurt too much when others hurt.  But I refuse to stop.  I care when others are in pain, and doing so is much better than the alternative.  I would rather care too deeply than not at all, or even than care a regular amount.  Maybe my tears solve nothing, I do not know.  But caring how others feel matters.  Compassion and empathy matter.  I do not want to give that up, even if I suffer for it.

Sometimes, in these moments, I think this is the closest I will ever get to understanding any part of how it must be to be God.  I imagine Him watching us destroy each other in the numerous ways we have discoverd how, and imagine the pain He must feel at it.  I know He also takes great joy in us, but it is the sorrow He must feel that I identify with more.


I had a bad night.  Good day, bad night.

The subject is from another journal I read.  It seemed appropriate.

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Date:2007-04-04 22:09
Mood: amused

"When God Made You":  most selfish love song ever?

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Date:2007-04-03 18:15

Stupid Quote #2:

If you want something done, ask a busy person.

Everytime I ask a busy person to do something, I have to plead & beg & nag until they either give up or I do.  Busy doesn't always been good at time management, sometimes they're busy cause they have no time management skills to begin with.

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Date:2007-04-01 13:26
Subject:To make a long story long...
Mood: rejuvenated

So I've been uber-stressed lately.

I have alot of stuff going on.   Here's the highlights:

I've been trying to plan my sister's bridal shower/bachellorette party.  Yes, I have help, but I've taken a lot of it on myselt.  So I've been trying to arrange food, lodging, invites, table/chairs, favors, decorations, etc.....  It's much more work than I thought it would be.

I have this summer's job search looming over my head.  I've had to update my 50+ online applications, check the postings daily, and prepare for the hell that is teacher recruitment week.  Involved in THAT is updating my resume, portfolio, figure out what I should wear (should I wear different things to each fair?), get directions, finalize lodging, make copies (each fair has about  120-140 organizations coming, but most overlap, so how many should I make?) of my resume, portfolio, transcripts, evaluations, and referneces.  There is also the stress of not knowing what my future holds.

March is also birthday month, and I've forgotten people's birthdays, which is HORRIBLE of me.

I'm trying to make video's for Lisa's wedding and Linda's anniversary, but I don't have Steve or Linda's pictures, and I'm running out of free time.

I've been working on this HUGE project at work, which devowered my attention, time, and sanity during work hours.  Of course, needing to get it done did not preclude me from my OTHER duties, which would disrupt my concentration & cause me to make errors, meaning I had to redo things.  AND some really important equipment broken, partly my fault, that is causing huge problems.

I've been trying to catch-up on money problems, since hospital bills pretty much whipped-out all my money & maxed my credit cards.  And in case you were wondering, job searching is not cheep.

Finally, on friday my check engine light went on & yesterday my trunk broke.

So, during work hours, my life was a blur.  Then, when I got home, I worked non-stop on other stuff until way past I was supposed to be asleep.  Then I got up & did it again.

So we get  to yesterday.  I spend the majority of yesterday at a friends making invitations.  I was so exhausted I was ready to fall over driving home.  So when I got home, at 7, I decided to take a nap.  I woke up, said "aw, screw it", amd went straight back to sleep.

I slept until 10am today.  And let me tell you, it was glorious.

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